May 3, 2019
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  • Guide For Ordering Custom Boxes For Products: Benefits, Tips And More!

Guide For Ordering Custom Boxes For Products: Benefits, Tips And More!

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 4 Years ago
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Despite knowing the importance of packaging, brands do make mistakes while ordering product boxes. The best idea for packaging is to customize the box. This simply means that you design a box that protects the product and promotes the brand, keeping certain customized elements in place. There are vendors who specialize in custom boxes, and you can place an order immediately after discussing the basics. For most companies, the concern is often the price, because a tailormade box for a product is always going to cost a lot more than a generic corrugated box. In this post, we are discussing the benefits and how your brand can buy custom boxes while adhering to a budget.

Advantages at a glance

One of the biggest advantages of custom boxes is better product safety. The box will be designed keeping product size, dimensions and other aspects in mind, and therefore, there is little concern as far as in-transit safety is concerned.  Secondly, with custom packaging, you have the choice to represent and share your brand in the way required and desired. Think of the benefit that it is like having a box for the brand too, which is way better than using simple stickers on generic boxes. Thirdly, custom box can be designed to minimize costs. You can cut down a few expenses, and if you order in bulk, the pricing doesn’t have to be a matter of concern.

Saving money on custom boxes

  • First and foremost, always make sure that the box size is right for the concerned product. Many times, brands make packaging too complicated in an attempt towards innovation and sophistication.
  • Keep the printing to a minimum. The less you print, the less ink and efforts are required – It is as simple as that. Make sure that you are selecting custom boxes that have minimalistic design, which is also the trend at the moment.
  • Find the right vendor. There are manufacturers who accept order for custom boxes for different volumes, and some of them even have an in-house design team to help with the design. In short, if you work with a known vendor, you don’t have to bother about the aspects related to customizing.

  • Order in bulk. This is a no-brainer. By going for a voluminous order, you can benefit from the large-scale production and get a better price and discount.

Check online now and find the right company for your custom box requirements.

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