June 30, 2018
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  • Standout from the Crowd by Trying These Stunning Styles for Your Prom Party

Standout from the Crowd by Trying These Stunning Styles for Your Prom Party

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 5 Years ago
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Let’s admit it, nobody dresses up for prom parties like girls. It is one of the most common occurrences in a prom party that you cannot recognize a single face in a prom part even if you have spent years studying next to them—from straightened out hair to nice clean clothes, from couture dresses to ball gowns, it is entirely a different experience. Glimmering dresses and shimmering faces, tailored suits and so many pursuits in mind, prom is definitely one of the most important chapters in a person’s life. And we totally understand the struggle you go through to make the night perfect. So, to help you out, we have listed 3 prom night looks to make you stand out from the crowd. Read on.

  1. The Ultimate Ball Queen

This look is deemed to bring out in the inner princess out of us, but it is only possible when this inner princess fulfills the standards of sophistication and style. It means that adopting a particular style of body language, style, and the most amazing wit. When it comes to the ensemble, a ball dress with the flare and drapes, bows and embellishments, nice tailoring with the pockets, is the perfect prom dress for you. Accessorize with a jewel clutch and embellishment. And for your hair go for half-tail braid and adorn it with little flowers. Wear tiny earrings or moderate length fancy chandelier earrings.

  1. The Great Gatsby Lady

If you are one of those who love the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and don a look from that era as showcased in the movie, with perfectly embellished headbands, expensive looking cigarettes, and sequence dress, then it is the perfect time to embrace this opportunity and live up that dream, old sport! Get inspired by Daisy Buchanan’s looks and get a dress tailored that way. Or you can also try visiting Chicago dress best retail store, they have a range of dresses to choose from. Go for a fine pair of earrings, a pair of stilettos and slight curl to the edges of your hair.

  1. The Ethnic Diva

If you want to showcase yourself as an ethnic diva, go for a two-piece black body fit dress to flaunt your curves, the elegance and homely feeling of a locally produced dress. There is no need to don any jewelry or a fancy accessory because the dress will speak out for itself. And about the hair, go for a simple hairdo or an updo.

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