February 8, 2019
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  • What is the Importance of Two Strings of Black Beads in a Mangalsutra?

What is the Importance of Two Strings of Black Beads in a Mangalsutra?

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 5 Years ago
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According to Hindu religion, a mangalsutra is an ornament that has to be worn by a woman denoting her marital status. Every professional makes a mangalsutra for the bride as per her requirements. If it is simply not possible to make a mangalsutra with gold or silver thread, then it is made by stringing the black beads in a thread.

Importance of Mangalsutra explained

  • Because of the existence of mangalsutra, the woman always tends to remain conscious of dharma, duty and rules. Donning mangalsutra is an essential conduct for a married woman. This is referred to as a code of righteousness for women.
  • Because of this, a woman doesn’t engage in wanton behaviors and her conduct always remains ideal.
  • Because of the existence of mangalsutra, the woman and others are deemed conscious of her marital status. Mangalsutra is deemed as a marital bondage. Its primary gist is that the woman should always keep in mind her sacred bondage and there should be no kind of immoral behavior from her side. The others should also be wary that a woman donning mangalsutra is a married woman and should be respected by all means.

  • Because of the existence of mangalsutra, the consciousness of the husband in the form of the deity Shiva always remains constantly awakened in the woman’s soul. The mangalsutra signifies the Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti. The gold in the mangalsutra signifies Deity Shakti and the structure of the stringed black beads signifies the form of Lord Shiva.
  • Mangalsutra is an ornament that tends to appeal to the Divine principle in its highest proportion. Both the cups in the mangalsutra are hollow from one side and raised from the other. The mangalsutra is donned facing the hollow side towards the body. The Divine principle is attracted in the void of those cups in its higher proportion than in any other golden ornaments.
  • With the means of a mangalsutra, a woman gains the Energy of Desire, Action, and Knowledge. It is a sacred link that gives Deity Shakti in the form of the Absolute Fire Element also known as Tej to the woman to actually implement a task.

So, now that you have realized the importance and reason why a married Indian woman should wear a mangalsutra, you should never disrespect its sacredness. If you are wanting to buy one, have a look at the gold mangalsutra designs available on our website.

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