January 17, 2019

Body Piercing – A Way of Self-Expression

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Body piercing is referred also as body modification. It is a prominent self-expression form for all age’s individuals. A professional piercer provides piercing options in a variety, from a simple to complex piercing areas, such as tongue, eyebrow, and nostril.

Piercing shop owners are people who are fully engaged in the long-term and are a part of the modification community. Piercing reveals the value of freedom to express one and also embrace the art in varying forms. Individuals interested in encompassing the values should also possess entrepreneurial spirit and drive elevating it as a career. To pursue it, they need to have a body piercing shop.

What happens at a body piercing shop?

Prior to opening businesses, it is to determine about the role and to understand about running the piercing shop. The owners may be interested in business handling or the shop aspects, while few others may be immersed into the piercing clients.

As a customer enters for an appointment, the client informs their needs and the piercer takes care to meet their demands. After the basic consultation, they determine the placement of piercing and the jewelry. There is a need for the specifics to be ironed out using essential tools so that the piercing is performed. Once the process is complete, the piercer may educate the client on aftercare procedures. In the placement of the piercing, the entire process takes around 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Adding to piercing, there is a need for the shop runners or piercing shop owners to place inventory orders for sterilize equipment and needles. They also need to handle the administrative tasks requiring your attention. The downtime is spent on networking and business marketing within the community.

Target market

The largest market is among the 18-30 years old as the piercing customers demographic. There are many owners choosing to set the business in an area or areas that has younger people frequenting, especially near universities. Some shops cater to younger audience, while some target girls in getting ear pierced.  You can realize success in long term, nevertheless there is a need to cater to every age consumers, as body modification is now commonly popular among young and old alike.

How to make money?

Piercing shops perform each pierce and generate revenue. There are several artists and they share the space of the studio. In fact, they have varying talents and specialties. Each artist pays the owner rent or offers a percentage commission on that they serve.

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