January 9, 2021

Different Ways to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 3 Years ago
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While the winter season still rages on in many countries, the number of infections during the cold season naturally increases. Flu is still rampant, but the biggest virus on everyone’s mind is of course the coronavirus. With the new strain present, it’s best to find ways to keep yourself fit and healthy during the cold months.

Invest in Face Masks

Although many Western countries seem to have an aversion to a face covering, they can be useful in many ways. Face masks are very popular in Asian countries, where it is considered normal to wear a mask when you are sick. It is important to note, however, that some face masks are made for colds, and some are made for pollution. These masks are designed to suit very different purposes, so for colds and viruses, be sure you have the right mask. It’s best to buy high quality, bulk face masks during the cold season. These types of masks typically should be thrown away after each use—at the very least, daily. Buying in bulk helps save time and anxiety over whether or not you have the right gear to head out for the day.

Watch Your Distance

Introverts alike must be overjoyed at the social distancing measures put in place, but they are there for good reason. Very often, those that are sick may not always wear a face mask. This makes it much easier to spread infectious diseases, but this is more likely to happen in close quarters. By keeping a distance and avoiding crowded, public areas, you can help keep yourself healthy without really giving much effort!

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

Natural and homeopathic medicine is always a great option as it doesn’t require a visit to the doctor and many concoctions can be made with ingredients already found in your home. There are two vitamins and minerals, in particular, that stand out during the flu and virus season:

  • Vitamin D: If you can’t spend 20-30 minutes in the sun, invest in Vitamin D pills as they are known to help keep your immune system strong.
  • Zinc: This useful little mineral is not needed in large amounts but is great for helping your immune system to fight off infections.

These three small things can not only greatly reduce your chance of getting infected, but they are also great daily practices to help keep you feeling your best.

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