May 8, 2018
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  • Ready-Made or Customised Saree: Which One to Choose and why?

Ready-Made or Customised Saree: Which One to Choose and why?

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 5 Years ago
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The sarees are one of the most important innovations that India has gifted to the world. It is the most graceful and elegant attire for the women. It can instantaneously bring in a lot of poise, charm and glamour to the lady wearing it. There are different types of sarees available in the market depending on the material of fabric, embroidery work or their ease of availability. Based on the mode of availability of the sarees, they can be categorised into the ready-made variety and the customised ones. The ready-made varieties are easily available in the shops of your local market or in the different online saree portals like Fynd, Myntra, Craftsvilla, Weavesmart, etc. The customised sarees are created by the special craftsmen as per order of the clients. They are available in the boutique stores, but you need to wait for at least a week to get them delivered.

 In today’s busy word, when you require most of the service instantly, it does not make sense to go for the customised saree. So, readymade saree is definitely our pick when we keep in view the convenience offered by them. Here is an article to discuss the advantages of the ready-made sarees in comparison to the customised ones.

  • The Ready-Made Saree are Convenient

The ready-made sarees as the name suggest are available throughout the year in different garment shops of your local market or in the fashion portals of popular e-commerce websites like Fynd. You can easily procure them simply by visiting the shop or with the help of your laptop in the comfort of your home. Even the high-end boutique shops stock some ready-made sarees to suit the needs of the esteemed customers. You do not have to wait for a week or more to source your favourite saree when you decide to buy the ready-made ones.

In case of customised sarees, at first, you need to place the order for the specific saree you wish to buy in the special boutique shops. Then you have to wait for at least a week to get the saree delivered. This is not preferred for the fiercely independent professional women of modern society. Now the trend is to achieve everything at lightning speed. So, the customised sarees cannot meet the demands of women especially when you wish to procure some daily wear sarees for office or other multipurpose uses.

  • The Ready-Made Saree have Huge Varieties

When you wish to procure some ready-made sarees the choices are endless. They are available in a myriad of colours, designs and fabrics. You just need to flip through the online fashion portals of Fynd, Myntra, Craftsvilla, Weavesmart, etc. to choose the most suitable one for you. These days the renowned fashion brands also procure the ready-made sarees from famous designers and craftsmen so that you are spoilt for choices when you decide to buy one. Just name the variety; Banarasi, Chanderi, Paithai, Kanjeevaram, Satin, Chiffon, Georgette the website is going to flood you with numerous options. They are also available in different designs and embroidery works like zardozi, chikankari, aari, phulkari, mirror work, kantha, etc. So, it hardly makes any sense to wait for a week to buy a customised saree.

  • The Ready-Made Sarees are Cost Effective

Another major advantage of the ready-made sarees is you get value for money here. Since the popular websites source the ready-made sarees in bulk from the craftsmen they become much more affordable for you than the customised ones. The ready-made sarees does not bore a hole in your pocket when you wish to buy them. Moreover, it is easy to return the ready-made sarees if you do not like them for any reason. This is quite impossible in case of customised sarees since they are crafted as per order. If you wish to buy some designer ready-made sarees you can log in to the websites of Fynd.

So, this was, in brief, the advantages of buying readymade sarees.

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