August 8, 2018

Things You Must Know Before Comparing Diving Cameras!

  • by Brice Caleb
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Anyone, who is interested in snorkeling, scuba diving or deep-sea diving, should consider investing in a good underwater camera. As the name indicates, these cameras are designed to capture marine life in its best form, without diluting the color or essence. The best diving camera will ensure that your experience is stored forever in a digital format that can be accessible on the go. Yes, most of the known brands now have apps for compact diving cameras, so you can actually access your footage whenever you feel like. In this post, we will discuss more on diving cameras and the choices.

Do I really need a diving camera?

Most new divers have this common question in mind. First and foremost, do not go for the most expensive diving camera in the market right way. If you are just starting with underwater activities, make sure that you check for the compact models. Basically, diving cameras can be classified into three segments – mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and compact cameras. Mirrorless cameras are often seen as an alternative to expensive DSLRs.

There’s no denying that both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are great for high-end and professional photography, but for basic needs, a regular compact camera is more than enough. Don’t be surprised to find that compact cameras have all the essential features that are required for great footage. Many brands have spent on patented Depth-controlled Color Correction, which ensures that one doesn’t need to change filters manually. In fact, some of the advanced models are super easy to use, and it’s as simple as using a flashlight.

Top points to check

First and foremost, start by checking if the camera uses Depth-controlled Color Correction and White Balance. Basically, videos taken under water tend to have a green or blue tint, which must be corrected using a filter. If you don’t want to go for all of that, go for a diving camera that auto-fixes such problems and helps in getting clear images on the go.  Next, consider the battery life of the product. With high resolution video recording, even the best battery can drain faster. Look for a model that offers at least 2-hour+ recording power for 4K resolution. One of the other important points is the resolution, which should be at least 720p for decent footage recording. Connectivity typically includes USB and Bluetooth, but most advanced cameras can be connected to proprietary apps, which allow users to have continuous access to footage, stills and videos.

Brand matters

Gone are days when two or three brands ruled the market of action cameras. Today, you will find pioneering companies that have redefined the overall concept of underwater shooting, especially for those who don’t want to go for an expensive or cumbersome DSLR setup. If you like a product, check the reviews to know what other users have to say about the features. Automated features are more than welcome for sure, but you should have enough manual control on the device, as well.

Check online now to shortlist the top-rated ones.

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