April 2, 2022

Various Types Of Custom Leather Holsters

  • by Brice Caleb
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Why leather is the most suitable choice for custom leather holsters

  • Leather has different special and long-lasting properties that make it an excellent option for making custom leather holsters.
  • The leather utilized in this matter came from animal leathers. Cowhides were considered to be the most suitable option. The skin was tanned and preserved for it to be enduring.
  • There are two popular methods for fabricating leather directly—

Vegetable tanning (from tree barks) and

Chromium tanning (chemically treated)

  • Leathers can stay up to thousands of years if readied with reasonable care
  • Leather has a particular rigidity that delivers the much-needed security to your guns and therefore the custom leather holsters
  • A portion of leather can be very easily transformed and carved into any form and structure planned

Cross-draw Western rig: The waistband of this custom leather holster is trimmed from nine oz. leather and has been streaked with completely suede leather. This holster has a beautiful diamond-stitched pattern. It also showcases twelve hand-molded bullet coils positioned around the front for uncomplicated entry. The belt tapers near the end. The nickel-plated square buckle gives it the greatest finish. This holster is molded specifically to be an exact fit for your gun. This can be customized for both single and double-action revolvers.

Santa Fe Cross-draw Rig: This Mexican double loop custom leather holster was primarily used in the mid to late 1800s. It was operated by the Mexican vaqueros’ and early immigrants of the southwest. This holster has a three-inch widespread girdle. It has twenty-four moulded by hand bullet circles. The natural latigo logo is its special touch. This cross-draw holster also has mallet ties. The model is finished with a indicator embossed border which highpoints the lovely hand-dyed custom leather holster.

K400V Mag Carrier: This leather shoulder holster is handcrafted for the most accurate fit. They lie thoroughly facedown against your body and advance past the holder for the ideal grip. The swivel coils permit the person sporting the custom leather holster to alter the place without binding shoulder straps. All mag pouches have a tie-down rivet to clarify an elective girdle strap.

The Bandolier Leather Shoulder Holster: During the old western times, the Bandolier was a way to bear many additional shells on a single person. It was made recognized by several mention-worthy icons. You can also wear two of these across your chest. It was created to carry the extra bullet over the shoulder. Many lawbreakers and Bandits of the Old West also used to carry this type of leather shoulder holster.

The shoulder holster 1899: This custom leather holster is a copy of another leather shoulder holster. It is one of the most typical leather shoulder holsters of the early 1900s and the best standards of gun carry for numerous of the significant lawmen as well as the outlaws. This shoulder holster is made of the finest saddleback leather and entirely crumpled by standards of silicone-treated suede. It is basket-knitted. It has been forged by hand and molded for a preciseness fitting to your revolver. This has been specially created for Colt, Ruger, and similar single-action revolvers. The edges are sanded and smoothed to a silky lustrous finish.

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