May 21, 2018

Check These 10 Tips Before Buying Leather Handbags!

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 6 Years ago
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Leather is one of the preferred and popular materials used for making classic handbags, belts and accessories. If you are looking for leather handbags, we have the 10 tips that may come handy for your purchase.

  1. Always buy from known stores. Buying leather products from online stores like Florence Leather Market is bliss in many ways. With reliable stores, you don’t have to bother about much but the desired style.
  2. Check the finish. Soft and smooth-finish leather can be expensive and is worth considering, especially because of minimal maintenance needs. Also, soft leather is also more expensive and can last for many years without effort.
  3. Find more about the source. Leather from some countries and regions are known for quality, and Italy is a fine example of that. Just check where the bags are sourced from.
  4. Hardware used must be considered. You don’t want to have a bag that’s made of great leather but has poor quality zips, hardware and clasps. Make sure that you check the quality of accessories used.
  5. Functionality. If you are buying a business bag, you would expect it to have a compartment for the laptop. Always make sure that the selected handbag serves the purpose for which it is purchased.
  6. Accessories. Do the straps of the bag match the material used for the body? Don’t be surprised to know that many manufacturers actually save considerable money by going for cheaper accessories.
  7. Cheap is not great. Leather is expensive – period. While you can find cheap leather, most of it is tanned using harsh chemicals, which are extremely bad for the environment. Go for good quality leather that’s meant to last and is processed with care.
  8. Stitching makes a difference. Yes, that’s true. With precise stitching, even poor-quality leather can look better. Check the hems and inners of the bag to know more on this aspect.
  9. Brand counts. The best luxury brands are obviously expensive, but again, there are others who source their products directly from manufacturers and offer considerably lower prices. Some manufacturers also have direct outlets.
  10. Style counts. Eventually, handbags are about creating a style statement, so if the brand doesn’t make an impression with the designs, the purpose is lost. Check for products that are designed to match the contemporary needs.

Check online now and make your shortlist, which should ideally include at least one shoulder bag, a perfect clutch, and another crossbody bag.

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