May 21, 2018

Wall-Mounted Vs. Freestanding Speakers: Which One To Buy?

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 6 Years ago
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Your contemporary and well-upgraded home should have all the right appliances, and the list includes a set of speakers, as well. There are many kinds of speakers in the market, ideally designed to be compatible with flat-screen TVs and home theatre systems. In this post, let’s discuss the two most common options – wall-mounted and freestanding speakers.

Bookshelf/wall-mounted speakers at a glance

Please do not confuse bookshelf speakers and wall-mounted ones. The latter can be placed on a shelf or can be mounted on the wall, while bookshelf speakers may not have the option of mounting. We are including these in the same category because of the common aspects in performance and features. Wall-mounted speakers are ideal when you have smaller rooms and want something that fits the budget but doesn’t compromise on the sound quality. There are many brands that you can look for, depending on what you are willing to pay.

Tower or freestanding speakers at a glance

Floor speakers are ideal for contemporary homes with big rooms. These are designed to stand freely on the floor, which means you can move them around. Some of the best brands produce floor speakers for different budgets, and few models have a set of 3 speakers, which ensure the super sound quality and bass explosion. These are also sleek and stylish and come in different designs, in case you are interested in getting something to match the interiors and aesthetics of your home.

Buying speakers – basic rules to follow

If you don’t understand the technical details, start by knowing the review of the model. Always go for a known brand, which ensures two benefits. Firstly, a good brand doesn’t really compromise on their manufacturing standards and features, and therefore, you will always get the right product. Secondly, you would never really need to worry about customer service and aftersales assistance. As for deals and discounts, you can good offers from online stores, but again, make sure that you don’t compromise on the product for your budget.

For homes that need quality sound and credible features, tower speakers might work better. These can be used in any room, and while the floor space remains a concern, the modern designs are pretty compact. On the other hand, subwoofers and bookshelf speakers are more ideal for the smaller homes, and if you go for the right placement, you can expect to get more from smaller speakers, as well.

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