October 22, 2018
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Know the Right Way to Select Appropriate Lenses for Your Glasses

  • by Brice Caleb
  • 5 Years ago
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The lenses chosen for your spectacles play an important role in correcting your visual problems. However, to choose the required lens from a wide range available in the optician store isn’t an easy task. There are multiple factors making you choose wrong lenses.

The factors that unfortunately mislead you are:

  • Prescription isn’t understandable for you to know which lens is best to buy.
  • The optician providing you lenses maybe a novice. Often shop owners selling eye lenses lure customers to buy expensive lens which isn’t prescribed by the optometrist.
  • You weren’t checked by an experienced eye doctor.
  • You prefer to buy eyeglasses which are cheap and not designed by a reliable company.

Less knowledge and ready to buy any eyeglasses as suggested by the optician surely will not help in wearing the right kind of eyeglasses.

Why you need to choose right kind of eyeglasses?

  • The frame you choose and the glasses both are important to depict your appealing appearance.
  • Need to improve your eyesight.
  • Should be durable and comfortable to wear.

General basic information that help in choosing the right eyeglass lenses:

  • Prefer to have plastic lenses instead of traditional glass lenses. As the latter type of lens have chances of breaking easily. The new lens made of plastic polymer is light weight, cost effective and have higher optical qualities.
  • Polycarbonate lenses – The most popular material used for lens was first introduced in the early 70s. It is safe and friendly material which can even be used by a child and gives clear vision.
  • Higher index plastic lens – They are thinner and lighter eyeglass. Moreover, they have higher refractive index and lower specific gravity.

  • The refractive index is the number representing the strength of the eye lens refracting light. Thus, higher refractive index of lens material will be perfect.
  • Abbe value – The term is used to state how much the lens can disperse different wavelengths of light as light passes through it. Low Abbe value isn’t good as the optical error may likely occur and this is known as chromatic aberration.
  • Aspheric design: Select an aspheric design to give your eyeglass slimmer and attractive look. The design causes less unwanted magnification of its wearer and thus has an attractive look. The center thickness of the lens should be less.

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